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Uniflora is a member of the Tanseeq Investment Group of Companies, a market leader in the GCC region catering to the Landscaping Industry. We are a professionally-managed company dedicated to transforming urban architecture by reconnecting with nature through our diverse range of products and services. We offer Living Green Walls, Artificial Green Walls, Moss Walls, Preserved Green Walls, Green Roof Systems, a wide range of natural and artificial Indoor & Outdoor Plants, a variety of Pots and Planters, Cut-Flowers and Floristry.

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Green Wall Dubai

Indoor & Outdoor Green Walls

Experience our unique living wall system from Biotexture LTD. Biotecture is a designer and supplier of hydroponic, modular living wall system which brings a new level of sustainability and stable system dynamics through a thoughtful integration of living walls and architectural design.

Uniflora is dedicated to designing and installing the Biotecture system of living green walls. Since maintenance is critical to ensuring long-term beauty and survival, our living wall maintenance program is one of the most comprehensive in the industry. Our team provides frequent inspection for feeding, pruning, dead-heading, weeding, and replacement when necessary.

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