Terms & Conditions

Legal obligation notice

By using our website you agree to be legally bound to its Terms & Conditions and its Privacy Policy. The Terms & Conditions currently applying are set out below, but you should note that the website www.uniflora.ae reserves the right to modify the T&Cs at any time and your continued use will be conditional upon acceptance of the terms and conditions in force at the time of any visit.

By placing an order with Uniflora either directly on the www.uniflora.ae website (“the website”) or through one of our customer service representatives over the phone, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

1. Changes to your order

If you wish to change your order, please email us at info@uniflora.ae or call us at 800 UNIFLORA (86435672) or pass by our boutique in Dubai: DIFC, Emirates Financial Tower, P1 level.

We'll always do our best to make changes for you, but we can only guarantee changes (including to the delivery address and card message) requested at least 24 hours before dispatch.

2. Cancelling your order

Orders may be cancelled up to 48 hours before the intended delivery date. You can cancel your order by emailing info@uniflora.ae, calling 800 UNIFLORA (86435672) or passing by our boutique in Dubai: DIFC, Emirates Financial Tower, P1 level.

Request for order cancellation 48 hours or less prior and on the same day of the delivery date is NOT refundable.

3. Order Delivery

Under normal circumstances, we will try to ensure that your order is delivered to the recipient's address you provide. However, there are times when this is not possible due to problems with the address information that our customers provide or due to problems our drivers encounter when attempting to deliver the order.

It is therefore very important that you ensure that the recipient address you provide is accurate and that you give additional instructions to assist our drivers in locating difficult-to-find addresses.

It is also very important that you keep us informed if you find that the recipient's address or availability changes prior to the order being delivered.

4. Deliveries to hospitals

Deliveries to hospitals can be problematic because patients often move from ward to ward, or are discharged. This means that we are sometimes unable to deliver orders for customers at a very emotional time. However, many of these problems can be avoided by ensuring that we have accurate and up-to-date information about the ward that the recipient is in.

It is particularly important that you provide the full name of the recipient of the order as there can be several patients with the same name in the same hospital. This can lead to errors in the delivery that are beyond our control. Many hospitals do not allow drivers to take gifts directly to wards because of health and safety regulations and in such cases our gifts will be delivered to reception or post rooms.

5. Availability and substitution

All products are subject to availability. In the event of any supply difficulties or if the quality of the items that are needed to make up your order do not meet our high quality standards, we reserve the right to substitute any product with an alternate product of a similar style and equivalent (or greater) value and quality.

Where this is necessary, we will try to contact you via email or phone. If you wish to discuss the substitution we have made, you can contact us through any of the previously mentioned way.

6. Customer and recipient personal information

To ensure that we can communicate effectively with both customers and recipients, it is very important that you provide accurate personal information. If you do not put your name into the message card field, we will not share your identity with the recipient, even if they ask us for it. If they request it, we will email or call you to let you know that they are enquiring.

Please remember that we value your privacy and will never lease, rent or sell your private information (refer to Privacy Policy).

By accessing, viewing, or using the website, you indicate that you understand these Terms and Conditions and accept them as the legal equivalent of a signed, written contract, binding you to them. Uniflora reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time, effective immediately upon posting on the website.

7. The Uniflora Promise

At Uniflora, we are committed to exceptional service and products. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your order or its delivery, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@uniflora.ae.

8. Refund Policy

If an order is filled and delivered on time and there is a question as to the quality of the arrangement then we will gladly discuss the issue with you- kindly contact us through any of the previously listed means, within 24 hours of the delivery. Bear in mind that flowers are perishable. Proper care is required. It is the responsibility of the recipient to follow any care instructions provided. No refunds or replacements will be made for any order should the recipient or sender not notify us within 24 hours of the original service date.

9. Delivery Charges

Deliveries in Dubai are complimentary. Deliveries to Abu Dhabi and other emirates will incur supplementary charges.

10. Delivery Policy

Our products are available for same day delivery. For same day delivery your order must be placed before 1pm except on Saturdays where orders need to be placed before 12pm midday. Our delivery service is not available on Fridays. Before major holidays, we recommend that you place your orders at least five days in advance.

It is the customer’s responsibility to provide us with the accurate address on which the delivery is to be made. In case of any inappropriateness in the address, we cannot be held liable and hence will not be accountable for any kind of replacement or refund request. In case the delivery does not reach you at all because of no fault of yours, we will provide replacement or compensation. You are not liable to claim an amount other than the amount of your initial order.

Regretfully, we are unable to guarantee time of delivery. To request a specific delivery time, please type it into the Special Instructions field during checkout. We will do our best to accommodate your preferences. You acknowledge that requested delivery dates are non-binding estimates only and that you have no claim against us for any delays or early deliveries.

Uniflora is not responsible for:

  • Products delivered to incorrect addresses supplied by the sender
  • Unsuccessful deliveries arising from the recipient not being present at time of delivery at the address supplied by the sender
  • Decreased product quality due to an incorrect delivery address supplied by the sender, or a re-route requested by the sender
  • Product quality problems caused by improper handling by the recipient