Indoor Plants

Supply and maintenance of your own indoor garden...

One of our key services is visiting and assisting our corporate and private clients in selecting plants to suit locations within the workplace or living space. Uniflora’s plant care team will thoroughly check the space layout, environment and light, then recommend plants and pots to complement and accent the ambiance.

From low maintenance succulents to bonsais and indoor trees, once you invest in turning your office or home into a lush green space, the last thing you want is for your beautiful shrubs to wither or perish! Uniflora’s green-fingered experts are your ‘go to’ people for keeping your indoors thriving, with a service that offers a weekly maintenance visit to maintain your plants.

Want us to help you brighten up your indoor space? Complete the form below to begin; one of our specialists will arrange an initial visit to assess the greening potential of your space.

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